Q. Why Should I subscribe to SCS, if the information is already available on the high court website?

A. SCS automatically searches for all posible search names, provided by you, in the high court causelists. This saves your precious time. Besides, you do not need to copy down the information on a piece of paper everyday, it is available right there on your mobile phone via App, SMS, email for a ready reference. The magic search functionality in SCS also deals with spelling mistakes in causelist to a large extent

Q. Why should I subscribe if the high court sends this information to my place via regular posts or via a delivery boy?

A. SCS works out to a lot cheaper then the regular mail sent to your house. Besides, we send you only relevant information, which is available at your fingertips, and can be accessed anytime, even if you are out of home or out of town.

Q. What about the days when we have court holidays? Do you send messages for those days as well?

A. The causelist for the next working day, after holidays is sent to you whenever it becomes available. If there is a special holiday court sitting in vaccations, you will be notified if you have a case listing in that. On all other days, if the causelist is put up and you have no cases listed, you will get a “No Listing” message.

Q. What time of the day, do I get the SMS ?

A. SMS is sent within 15-30 mins of the information being uploaded on the official high court website. Please refer to the section “Smaple Message” for court-specific details.

Q. What if my search name matches with the search name of some other lawyer ?

A. You will be notified for the cases with that search name. Based on the contents of the case, i.e, the name of the judge and party names, you can make out if this case is yours or somebody else’s. The chances of that happening are pretty rare.

To understand the functioning and utilities of SCS, take a free trial, by clicking here or visit the demo section for a live demo of SCS.